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All About Dunn Pearson, Jr.

A Musical Lifetime


In my own words

First I give praise and glory to God.I know no words to thank everyone that has made "ME" WE. There is not a resume credit that doesn't include my momma and family.

I am grateful and humbled by the blessing of an entertainment lifetime.

During a recent seminar after the normal fluff, I did this and that, a young man asked me "What was the number one challenge I faced ?" Without hesitation I shouted REJECTION. For the remaining talk I realized that rejection had the most impact on my failures and success. To acquire jobs in all different entertainment genres meant no matter how much success I had in one genre, the next job I had to go back to the beginning. So out of rejection I established some ground rules for myself.

1. I had to get these jobs based on the merit of my talent and not the merit of my stature.

2. Chase the knowledge and not the money. Knowledge breeds confidence and provides qualifications.

3. Set my own standards and definition of success.

4. Speak directly and honest about my strength and weaknesses. I would always tell clients that no matter what, I can play that piano and write that music! Now can you help me with what I need to know or do to get this gig.

I am a man of stories which I share on each of the entertainment genres. Click the button Discography page. Of course you can book me for the total journey!

The Dunn Pearson Jr. EPK   
"The Tweet Challenge"

Chronicles of a musical lifetime career, from the world of entertainment and more. Challenged by his agent, Dunn must tweet his vast career highlights. In 140 characters?

Legendary Career

Entertainment Lifetime

DP Broadway Pit copy_edited.jpg

Dunn Pearson, Jr. Pianist, Award winning Composer and Arranger, lauded as one of the top African American music composers to have major success in all genres of entertainment, Movies, Television, Broadway, Music and Commercials. Professionally known as the "Black Beethoven," Dunn has 6 solo CDs. His scoring credits include the Orlando Film Festival award winning best docudrama “Unhinged”, theme of the Fox TV smash "New York Undercover," the HBO movie ", Head Office," Columbia Pictures box office hit "The Professional," Miramax’s “Ride”, Mario & Melvin Van Peebles "Identity Crisis," the faith-based film “Iniquity” and the Cinecom Int. Film, starring Oprah Winfrey, "Native Son”. McDonald's and Superbowl XXI Commercial for Wendy's and noted orchestrator for the O'Jays and Mary J. Blige. He orchestrated and arranged the Broadway Musical, “Amen Corner”. Additionally, Dunn is a book author (Masculine Vulnerabilities), TV Host (Men4Men Better Living),  Founder of God Has A Blessing

Foundation, CEO All Dunn Advertising and Music Minister of Hamden Plains United Methodist Church

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