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September 2nd Awards Ceremony was Amazing. The Black Beethoven (Maestro Dunn Pearson) Film Montage Concert was Historically Incredible!
The Military and Movie Awards were Majestic! 
Thanks everyone!


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The "Mighty" O'Jays

Dunn Pearson, Jr. 1971 Donnie (nickname) got his first big break came when meeting Bobby Massey (O'Jays Founder). Not only did he hire Donnie as pianist but provided the advice that would launch his career. "Bobby told me to become an arranger (learn to write for orchestras) because that would last a musical lifetime" explains Dunn. In 1975 Dunn joined the touring band as organist for the O'Jays, later becoming arranger/conductor/writer/producer of many award winning productions. Dunn recalls being employed full time, "I began to reap the benefits of wearing multiple hats!" Notwithstanding the vast achievements Dunn cherishes the relationships and teachings from his mentors."Our journeys remain connected and i couldn't be happier and blessed" Dunn says proudly. Induction into the Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame is a testament to the entire O'Jays organization. 

"My musical soul begins and ends with the Mighty O'Jays"_Dunn Pearson  

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Get to Know Dunn Pearson, Jr.

A Musical Lifetime in 60 seconds

From an early age, Dunn Pearson, Jr. started piano lessons and always knew that music was life’s calling. Studying music theory and orchestrations at Kent State University set the foundation for a musical lifetime. Today, the names Maestro Dunn Pearson, Jr. aka "Black Beethoven" is synonymous with diverse musical credits from all genres of entertainment. This 60 seconds teaser will provide a glimpse into the mind-blowing journey you're about to experience browsing this website.

Get to know the maestro on a deeper level. 

Achieving Career Goals

The career goal was simple MUSICAL LIFETIME. However the chosen path HAVE SUCCES IN ALL GENRES OF ENTERTAINMENT proved to be extremely difficult in part because of the unforeseen challenges of having to prove talent qualifications worthy in each genre. Ok you're a great piano player but can you play to time code? You're known for R&B and this job requires classical. No one knows you in the film business etc... Despite rejection, Dunn stood true to his goal strategy to achieve based on

"the merit of my talent and not the merit of my stature!"  



From McDonald's to Wendy's to PRN Staffers, Dunn brings an extensive wealth of knowledge in brand marketing. Beginning as a jingle producer, Dunn learned all the aspects of advertising campaigns. Mr. Pearson is currently CEO of All Dunn Advertising

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Dunn Pearson, Jr. loves the creative process of scoring a movie cue/scene. To connect the essence of the actors, writers and director to a musical piece is the most rewarding challenge. "Understanding music is added in post production, it is my task to capture the vision and via music enhance" glees Dunn "I also love the technical aspects of scoring"  Academy Award Winner Geraldine Page, Oprah Winfrey, Mario & Melvin Van Peebles, Danny DeVito to name a few have the maestro score

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The bright light lights of Broadway have shined on the music orchestrations, and dance arrangements of Dunn Pearson, Jr. For more info click below

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To cue score, co-write the theme song to a hit primetime show is the pinnacle of success in the television genre. Click below to hear the behind the scenes story of New York Undercover and more

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Aspiring to become an exceptional solo artist, Dunn Pearson, Jr. has produced several record projects throughout the years, showcasing his multi talents and skills. Those years have paid off, as his music is engraved in so many superstar artist's music including his own. The musical lifetime continues!

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Dunn Pearson "The Man"

In Paperback Book

RIVETING! And masterfully written. This book is not just about sexual escapades, though, there were many, including losing his then long-time girlfriend to a famous entertainer who was his music idol . . . Stevie Wonder. Dunn's friends taunted him severely as to how does one lose a love to a blind man, a situation that was extremely humiliating for a young rising star. As well as addresses the difficulty in entertainment when confronted with male-on-male vulnerabilities that most macho men refuse to admit exists that forces them to tackle this tough issue. Additionally, Masculine Vulnerabilities speaks to the core of what women dread most about men and exposes the dark secrets of a man's heart; the fear of being rejected, and alone . . . 

A snippet: "Deep down all men long to be desired, to have that one special woman with whom their heart is fully transparent . . . Of course, we train ourselves to believe we are the one man that she can never live without. Such foolishness. Then again, a masculine way of surviving because we are vulnerable."

Masculine Vulnerabilities: the "POWER" of an inner man revealed tells the SECRETS all women ever wanted to learn page-after-page... ladies, you won't be able to put this one down. Your angst is about to dissolve.


Get a glimpse of the diverse range of gifted talent with a selection of videos from Dunn Pearson, Jr. With regular video updates, you won’t miss a career moment. Explore the site, watch, and share the videos that you love the most.

God Has A Blessing

Dunn Pearson, Jr. Weekly Message

"I started producing a motivational 30 second music video (God Has A Blessing) as a way to keep in touch with my loved ones every Sunday. You know, spread the word while spreading the music! Choosing a word subject, HOPE, MERCY, ANXIETY... my idea was to provide examples what the word means to us and then provide the word of God on the subject. Well, I soon realized that my idea was actually God's plan to bless me as his messenger. Using this electronic medium, my loved ones grew from hundreds to thousands growing to millions. These personal connections to God's teachings allows many to reflect upon the divine goodness that God has blessed us all with."
Contact Us to join and receive your weekly inspirational message as the God Has A Blessing Foundation remains committed to "Changing Lives, One Blessing at a Time"

Men4Men Better Living

Have a Look

Make the connection - ignite the fire to live your best life: Mind - Body -Soul. Finally, a television show that goes beyond sports and highlights the greatest assets of man, and is just for men! Real men, Real talk, Host Dunn Pearson challenges guests (famous or not) to go beyond the softball questions to hard tough issues—NOTHING is off limits. 

Okay, on to the FUN stuff – music, sports, cook offs, (yeah, some of us can throw down in the kitchen), special give-a-ways and such much more! 

See you in the HUDDLE ROOM.

Masculine Vulnerabilities

Book By: Dunn Pearson, Jr.

"Do You Know How It Feels In My Mind?" Dunn cries out... This video, like the book provides a riveting glimpse of the power of an inner man revealed. For a woman to truly understand a man, she must explore and accept that often times the masculine man acts on how he feels in his mind disregarding the known and sometimes admitted reality, Hence vulnerabilities!  

It is then that we sync the firestorm of thoughts, the rollercoaster of emotions into a masterful symphony of melodic, thought-provoking notes that stimulates the feelings of mind...

Sweetheart Of The Week TV

Directed By: Dunn Pearson, Jr.

Weekly TV Game Show: 4 women contestants compete to win the coveted crown and title "Sweetheart Of The Week". Highlights include fun games, diverse show formats and  life changing prizes. The shows' theme of uplifting and celebrating the spirit of women is on display in this exciting preview.

For more videos, please get in touch today.

I Believe

Get to believe in Dunn Pearson, Jr.

I still remember listening to my neighbor playing the piano and though I was only 6 years old I believed I could do the same. I soon learned that when you believe, you will achieve. As CEO of All Dunn Projects and Services, I remain true to those words. Now I know that when you believe in your client's project they will believe in you! Thanks and blessings to our BELIEVERS. Join us!

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Your Production is not done until it's Dunn

From 100 piece orchestras to computer sequence arrangements, your project deserves the best! Great Songs have great arrangements. Great Movies/TV Shows have great musical scores. We specialize in Greatness!

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Full Production

  • Full Underscore

  • All Time Code Lock

  • Score To Picture Reviewing

  • Extensive Source Music Catalog

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Live Performance

Exceeding Expectations

  • Full Band Road Show

  • Musical Director/Conductor

  • Keyboardist

  • Booking Agent

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Motivational Speaker

Words Of Wisdom

With over 25 years of speaking and voice-over experience, We offer expertise in Men issues, domestic violence, music, entertainment business and political topics.



Jobs Well Dunn

  • All Media Projects Production

  • Full Editing- All Formats

  • Digital/Analog Recording Studio

  • Storyboard Creation

For booking and quotes:
Hollis Media Group (Rep)


Dunn Pearson, Jr. continues to remain relevant in the entertainment industry. If you’re ready to feature Dunn Pearson, Jr. in any way, please be in touch.
Management Representative: Hollis Media Group

(267) 250-1222

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